As you would expect, reaction to Murali’s 800th Test victims and controversial Test career has seen a number of great and good commenting on his achievements.

Shane Warne said “I don’t think anyone will get there, so well done to Murali for getting his 800,” Warne told Sky Sports.

“The way he’s gone about it has been amazing. There’s been a lot of controversy about his action but at the end of the day the ICC (International Cricket Council) cleared him, he’s allowed to play, and what he did with the ball was amazing.

“To face it was quite difficult, especially in those spinning conditions in Sri Lanka.”

Graeme Swann on the other hand disagreed with the King Of Spin commenting “”I think it will be beaten at some stage. A lot of people are a long way off that.”

“There’s always going to be detractors to anybody. The best thing is he rose above it and just carried on doing what he does and his record now speaks for itself.

“He changed the shape of spin bowling. He is unique in what he’s done.”

Former Indian great Anil Kumble left nothing to the imagination fully supporting his competitor

“It is really amazing that someone like Murali has been able to achieve that. I think it will remain unparalleled.

“I am not sure if anyone will be able to achieve 800 Test wickets in as many Test matches that I have played. He took 200 more wickets than what I ended up with.

“It is a great achievement, and I have sent my congratulatory messages to Murali for the same.”

As you would expect Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka, took time out to congratulate the spinner “Sri Lanka is proud of this son of our soil, who has reached the greatest height as a bowler with his new record, winning the highest respect of his contemporaries in the game the world over.”

There we have it, just a few comments in the hundreds that he has surely received. A fitting end to a brilliant career.