Fior Drissage – it’s just not Diamonds…

By Sanath Kaluperuma (Melbourne) Photos by – Hemal G (SNNI)

An eloquent, Fior Drissage – an exquisite shop located in Melbourne’s inner suburb of Armadale, is not just another jewellery shop! They use the latest, space age technology to attach diamonds to precious metal, and the finished products look stunningly beautiful. Diamonds and girls have never been this close! Congratulations to the owners Lady Mrs Sicille Kothalwala one of the most prominent businesswomen
in Sri Lanka, and Mr Alston Koch, pop guru music  extraordinaire.

For the opening of this unique venture, they invited the man with the golden hand, most precious diamond in Sri Lanka Cricket, Murali.
Just to fit in to the occasion there was a cricket ball made out

of Diamonds and Gold! Quite fittingly Murali’s hands were the first human hands to touch this prices less ball, which contains 2704 diamonds with an 18 karat gold seam!!!

For the people who hail from the island they once called “the
pearl of the Indian Ocean”, this is a special place too, all the jewellery is made in Sri Lanka using sophisticated European designs and finest diamonds cut to perfection by ‘Blue Diamonds’.