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February 20, 2005

Dr Quintus L De Zylva


Sri Lanka – Australia Cricket Foundation Medical Team

Dear Dr Zylwa
Tsunami- Aid to the Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya, Galle, Sri Lanka

We are deeply touched by the generosity of the Australian public that came forward with a variety of donations in kind to our Hospital at an hour of need.

Our hospital was not quipped to handle disasters of such colossal scale as that of the recent tsunami. However, we had to shoulder a substantial share of medical services that was needed at the time of the disaster. We have many shortcomings in the healthcare service, including a lack of disaster management plan.

When you visited us in Galle soon after the tsunami we identified some shortcomings in the way of equipment that could be accrued through your Foundation. We are most grateful to you for being instrumental in providing valuable equipment such as a Master Cardiac Monitor (with eight bedside monitors), nineteen Defibrillators, five pulse oximeters, one 2-echocardiography machine, one ventilator, one ultrasound scanner, two electric suction apparatus and six glucometers as well as large amounts of consumable items such as IV needles and syringes, catheters, gloves, dressings, milk foods, soaps and cosmetics. The equipment is now installed and running in different parts of the Hospital. The Master Cardiac Monitor (with eight bedside monitors) is in the Coronary care Unit.

We are also grateful to your Foundation for providing human resources such as psychiatrists and orthopaedic surgeons. We would like to extend a special note of appreciation to Philips Medical Systems Australia for sending a Master Cardiac Monitoring System, 2-D echo machine and nineteen Defibrillators among other pieces of equipment. It was heartening to see how hard Mr Danial Jakimov, the engineer of Philips Medical Systems Australia worked day and night to put the system in place.

Your role as an ambassador of good will of Australian friends and well wishers of Sri Lanka is deeply appreciated. The Teaching Hospital, Karapitya, Galle and in particular the Department of Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine, Galle would like to cement the relationship that has just begun. We are certain that a link programme with a center of excellence like the Royal Melbourne Hospital, would help the Medical School and the Teaching hospital towards institutional strengthening.

We deeply appreciate and respect the help given to us by your Foundation following the tsunami. We look forward to your visit next month.

Yours sincerely

Professor P L Ariyananda MD FRCP (Lond) FCCP

Professor of Medicine

Cc Hon Minister of Health, Sri Lanka

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Galle

Director, Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya, Galle

Dr RD Madurawe, Cardiologist, Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya, Galle




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