Murali Bowled Over ! Update - Murali Wedding 21st March 2005

New Delhi - Sri Lankan cricket star Muttiah Muralitharan is to marry an Indian businesswoman next month in the southern city of Madras, the bride-to-be's family said on Wednesday.

The marriage between the 32-year-old off-spinner and Madhimalar Ramamurthy, 24, was finalised by the respective families after both passed the traditional test - matching horoscopes.

"We are happy to have Murali as our son-in-law," the girl's mother, Nithya Ramamurthy, told the Press Trust of India.

"It is like a match made in heaven. After exchange of horoscopes, Murali and his mother visited our house and the marriage was arranged."

Muralitharan, who is currently in Australia undergoing surgery on his bowling arm, was described by his fiancée as a "very humble person."

"I am not an avid cricket fan, but will probably have to get more used to watching it."

Muralitharan is the second highest wicket-taker in Test cricket after Australia's Shane Warne with 532 wickets from 91 Tests at an average of 22.86 runs.




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