Date  Year Article Heading
21st March 2005 Murali ties the knot and gets married in India - more pictures
2nd March 2005 The hills were alive with the sound of Twenty/20 cricket
27th February 2005 Cricketers Show Compassion
21st February 2005 Fior Drissage – it’s just not Diamonds…
20th February 2005 Tsunami Aid to the Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya, Galle, Sri Lanka
12th February 2005 Murali no chucker - Shane Warne
7th February 2005 The Rediff Special/Shobha Warrier
2nd February 2005 Murali Bowled Over and will Marry
11th January 2005 Knox Tavern Event in aid of Tsunami Relief - More Pictures
10th January 2005 Tsunami Relief Match at the MCG - More Pictures
10th January 2005 Murali Magic by Dr Quintus de Zylva
3rd January 2005 Warne, Muralitharan banding together to help urvivors of Tsunami
11th November 2004

SL vindicated over Muralitharan

25th May 2004 Nigel Kerner - A Mural of us all
10th May 2004 Show some respect to Murali - Peter Roebuck SMH
22nd January 2003 Murali Limits Horizons
16th January 2003 Murali fed up with Australia
11th January 2003 Chucking issue raises its head again
10th January 2003 SCG Crowd taunts Muralidaran
15th December 2002 Sri Lanka blasts Murali 'slurs'
30th May 2002 Gilchrist repirimanded for Muralidaran comments
17th January 2002 Time to celebrate Murali's amazing exploits
11th January 1996 Muralidaran, Law 24.2 and the ICC
11th January 1996 Sri Lankan ergonomist offers scientific resolve in Murali case




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