The Muthiah Muralidaran Arm - A Study in Pictures

Courtesy of Ravindra S. Goonetilleke©

Murali undergoing 3-days rigorous testing at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Figure on left (above) shows the attached instrumentation (goniometer and force sensing resistor) and right (above) figure shows Muralidaran in action with the equipment.

Testing involved OBJECTIVE measurements using a state-of-the-art electro-goniometer for measuring elbow angle and a force sensing resistor on spinning finger to determine actual point of ball release. All information was stored in a data-logger and subjected to computer analyses subsequently. Split-view video recordings (back view and side view) were also made. A sample is shown below.

The Muralitharan action, captured using digitized images.

The ball is released in frame 9. You can see the ball in the air in frame 10. Note that the back view of Frame 9 APPEARS to show an extended arm. However, the side view (see below) shows the bend that exists in his arm (flexion deformity).

Don't believe it?

Take a look at Frame 7. The elbow appears to have a near right angle from the back. The side view, however, appears to show a near straight elbow.

So What's going On ?

Pictures re published courtesy of Ravindra S. Goonetilleke©



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